Meet the team!

  • Bruce Allan (BJ)
    Bruce is an Approved Handler and our Head Pyrotechnician. He has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years. He started manufacturing fireworks at the age of eight! By the age of twelve he was being supplied all the right chemicals and composition powders from the NZ Dairy Association. This was before regulatory processes restricted purchase. One of the most experienced pyrotechnicians in NZ, he trained with technicians from the Department of Labour and with New Zealand Firework Displa
  • Barry Wah Lee
    Barry Wah Lee is an Approved Handler and an Auckland legend. The name Wah Lee has been associated with fireworks for a very long time - Barry's parents, the late Linda and George Wah Lee, first started importing fireworks to NZ from China over 108 years ago and selling them from their shop in Greys Ave, then known as Chinatown. From there, George and Linda moved up to Hobson St, Barry and his brother Robert still run the Wah Lee store at 220 Hobson St, Auckland. And, they are still well-known fo
  • Mary Allan
    Bruce's younger sister, Mary is an Approved Handler and has been helping Bruce with fireworks displays for 7 years. She also has experience in risk management, first aid and theatre. She tours NZ and Australia every year with Circus Quirkus working as their lighting operator. She brings to the team an array of skills, including editorial critique, as well as being a natural health practitioner - she does her best to keep the team in optimum health so they can do their best for your show. She is
  • David Lewer
    David is an Approved Handler and our electrical technician. David and Bruce work together to figure out the electrickery, he works full time during the day as a qualified engineer. These two will use any excuse to display indoor fireworks at David's local church.
  • Phil Smith
    Phil is also an Approved Handler and a fireman chief. He brings many practical skills to our team as well as overseeing safety from a firemans perspective. A great team player, Phil has been involved in fireworks displays for over 15 years. He plays a key role in organizing the Clarks Beach fireworks display in Auckland. This show is unique because we have a 450 metre circumference to fire in, including over water. Our product fires to a height of 137 metres. This show is well worth seeing, it