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About us

Drawing on over 20 years of experience, we offer a safe and effective service that has been setting us apart from our competitors. Our proven track record means that we are the "go to people" for all pyrotechnic needs. All of our pyrotechnicians are certified with ERMA New Zealand as Approved Handlers. Our aim is to provide you with an unforgettable fireworks show with no compromise on safety. We were the first to bring fireworks to the Lantern Festival in Auckland, and also did Diwali Festival of Lights (Auckland) for many years. We are just as happy doing smaller events such as weddings and celebrations, and with such a high safety profile we were even invited to fire large fountains mere metres away from The Hon. Helen Clark when she was Prime Minister. We also specialize in close proximity work e.g. firing from the top of buildings in central city locations.

Our ingredients for a safe show are trained, competent pyrotechnicians, quality product and best practice methods. Our work practices and methods give us the flexibility to provide pyrotechnics anywhere in New Zealand. We want our workplace to be a healthy and safe environment. All workers are required to work safely, to know and to follow our company guidelines for safe work procedures. Our goal is "zero incidents and injuries". We are a joint venture: Wah Lee Co is the importer-supplier, Top Hat Magic Co is the display company, so all aspects of display can be covered by us. We are proud to be associated with Wah Lee Co. Ltd., a company that has been importing fireworks into New Zealand for over 108 years.

What is an Approved Handler?

An 'Approved Handler' is the term used for a qualified pyrotechnician in NZ. It shows that the person is competent and certified to handle certain hazardous substances (in this case pyrotechnics).The qualification may be issued at varying levels of expertise depending on the persons experience and training.This level will be clearly outlined on their certificate. To become an Approved Handler you must meet the requirements of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Personnel Qualifications) Regulations 2001.

An Approved Handler must make sure particularly hazardous substances are handled safely, and that they do not cause harm to people, nor damage to the environment. The Approved Handler will also be expected to provide guidance to other people handling the substances, who are not Approved Handlers, and be available to assist them if needed.

An approved handler for pyrotechnics must hold a test certificate issued by a test certifier qualified to issue certificates in the field of pyrotechnics. The certificate must state:

(a) Which hazardous substance(s) the person is approved to handle (e.g. display
pyrotechnics, Class 1),
(b) Which phases of the pyrotechnics’ life cycle the person is approved for (e.g.
manufacture, transport, storage, use, disposal) and to what extent,
(c) Approved handler’s identification, and contact details (work and residential) and
(d) Date of issue (the certificate is valid for 5 years).
(e) Type of pyrotechnics which the person is trained and competent to handle and
therefore certified for. (Ref: ERMA Code of Practice p. 66, 2008)

(Ref: www.ermanz.govt.nz/hs/compliance/ahtc.html)