Professional Display Products For Sale

Our professional pyro is available to qualified pyrotechnicians all year round. We can arrange shipping to anywhere in New Zealand. The products below are just a sample of our range, in addition we stock ICON and China star shells as well as other cakes. We  also have a range of quality fibreglass mortars from 2.5" - 8", photo's and prices coming soon or call us now to purchase.

Contact BJ or Barry to place your order and arrange delivery or pickup!

  • Aerial Phenomenon ***
    19 Shots/500g With a name like 'Aerial Phenomenon' you can expect a thrashing display combining low-level crackle clangs, mid-level blazing blue and high-level crackle bombette blasts. With multi-layers and 500g of High Power Pyro, what you get is a phenomenon pyro package.There are 4 cakes per carton. Buy the whole carton, and get 10% discount.
  • Celebration Crackers
    All red paper shell crackers in the traditional celebration string with a head bomb. These are a must for celebrating loudly! Day or night use. All have 331 premium firecrackers that are packed in the head bomb providing an explosive finale.

    5000 TAU
    8 foot long roll with 1388 red firecrackers.

    10,000 TAU
    15 foot long roll with 2498 red firecrackers.

    100,000 TAU
    This is monster of a roll! Fast action, loud bursts and bright flashes.100 foot long roll with 16,298 red firecrackers.
  • Color Chaser ***
    A beautiful fan cake with a stunning variety of colors. Fire two at once to get a criss cross effect. 99 shots of sequential fan- firing launching a fast action, sky traversing colour comet adrenaline rush spectacular.
    4 in a carton. By a whole carton and get 10 % off.
  • Heart Stopper ***
    300g of gunpowder. A huge angle cake that shoots five sets of four "big bore" shots. The effects consist of silver comets with color head, color breaks, silver coconuts and crackling coconuts.4 cakes per carton for which you can get 10% off if you buy the carton in full. Less gunpowder than some, but cheaper and nevertheless one heart stopping display for sure.
  • Mammoth Fountain***
    This fountain has set a standard for large fountains in the U.S. Not only is it big and heavy but also performs with red, green, gold, blue and silver crackling sparks for nearly two minutes.
  • Noizy Boyz ***
    500g cake.28 Shots high powered display.You know what happens when you get a group of boyz together! Colourful Cracks, Whistles and Hums join in a delightfully rowdy 28 shot show of pyro mischief.Get a carton for Max noise if your area can handle it.4 in a carton, buy a carton and get 10% off.
  • Outbreaker***
    Outbreaker opens with a continuous sequential flurry of Comets that commences from the centre of the fan design before breaking out in either direction. The "Peacock Plume" design sets the stage for a finale that combines sequentially fired Whistles and Hummers as well as a Crackling mine to Chrysanthemum crackling burst encore.
  • Parachute Battalion ***
    With 7 shots and 56 smoking parachutes, this Black Cat@ Certified Daytime Pyro(TM) is guaranteed to color your sky. Watch as the Parachute Battalion barrages descend from the sky leaving behind streaming trails of red, green, yellow and purple smoke.There are 6 in a box which is recommended for the best party atmosphere. 10% off if you buy a whole carton.
  • Phenomenal ***
    35 Shots/500g A variety of separate segments make up our Phenonmenal, combining Red, White and Blue with Glitters and Crackles. Interspersed amongst this are "Flying Fish" - barrages of shooting gold flecks flying through the sky like a startled school of fish. The Crackling Red to Blue Palm Finale completes this phenomenal firework display.3 per carton, buy a carton get 10% off.
  • Thrill Seeker ***
    25 Shots/500g The outside launch tubes shoot rounds of shooting mines creating a colored geyser frame to the central bombette shots. These are fired in quick succession for six action-packed rounds. The mine effects include colors and glitters whilst the bombette effects include colored shooting comets to multi-colors, glitters, whistles, crackle and reports.4 cakes per carton, and you get 10% off if you buy a whole carton.
  • 20 shots/500g. A varying tempo with pyrotechnic variety in this predesigned display. A very complete high power pyro firework. Approximately 57 seconds duration and a real crowd pleaser.
    Varying alternating shells introduce with red to silver with glitter. Then, you get Green to silver with glitter. You get White glitter with tails, and you get red glitter with tails. These all share the sky/limelight.
    A sudden fan fired barrage of Black Cat
  • Duration approx 57 seconds, 500g.
    Commences with spectacular Glitter to Red shells. White Glitter Palm shells are introduced before Silver bursts and Silver Swirling Comets ...then delayed Silver Crackle appears to take over the sky. Next a falling leaves effect is like a cluster of falling coloured stars.
    Finale is of comets, blue stars, and more falling leaves and Crackling Palm tree Shells.
    3 cakes in a carton. Buy a whole carton for 10% off.
  • 19 shots.Each Shot sends a parachute high into the sky and then descends with a large volume of coloured smoke. The effect is that the sky is painted with red, blue, green, and yellow smoke.
    There are 8 cakes per carton. Use a whole carton for the best results. 10% discount when you buy a whole carton.
  • This is a fountain and not a cake.
    It is best used as part of a planned Pyrotechnic display.Limited stock left.
  • An aerial repeater that shoots awesome big gold willows. Just like a huge mythic sparkling golden willow tree in the sky.
    Very affordable, a lovely effect, and with 16 in a carton, the display is one I love to see. 10% off for the carton of 16 cakes.
  • 26 shots/500 g of shots of Red, green, and blue stars, blue tail to silver spinner, red tail to green spinner and finishing with a Brocade crown. Fast action and great shots. Examples of Brocade crown displays can be seen on the net. They are described after a type of hairdo that was on Japanese fisher women, but has some resemblance to some Rastafarian hair styles. I find it to be one of my favourite shapes.4 cakes in a carton. Buy a carton and get 10% off.
  • 30 shot/500g cake.High power pyro.Magenta Action display combines three way fan firings, coloured Mines,Whistles, Glitters,
    And Spinners. 2 big cakes per carton - buy a carton and get 10% discount.

    There are two big cakes in each carton, and if you buy a whole carton, you get 10% off.
  • 23 shots/500g gunpowder. High powered pyro.Black Cat have innovated a new Fish crackling effect.Various colours of crackling fish leave trails of crackling colour as they snake downwards.The cakes are beautifully designed with a free Chinese Mask included with each cake. There are 4 cakes per carton. If you buy a carton you get a 10% discount.
  • 21 shots/500g cake. A Designer, all- in –one Fireworks display. Huge variety of effects. Blue and crackle mines leap to the sky with a variety of effects including blue stars,green , red, and silver crackle fish, white palm glitter palm, and chrysanthemum crackle.
    4 in a carton. Get one at least for 10% off.
  • $30 Fireworks Mix
    Novelty fairly family friendly----" A natural excitement of Peace after the Storm -Assortment"
    Pickup only.
    Retail fireworks are only on sale for a few days a year to people 18 years old and over.

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