Excellent ***

20 shots/500g. A varying tempo with pyrotechnic variety in this predesigned display. A very complete high power pyro firework. Approximately 57 seconds duration and a real crowd pleaser. Varying alternating shells introduce with red to silver with glitter. Then, you get Green to silver with glitter. You get White glitter with tails, and you get red glitter with tails. These all share the sky/limelight. A sudden fan fired barrage of Black Cat

Quality gunpowder green to glitter shells then has a delayed sequential crackle burst beginning a segment of white glitter. This segment is fun and finished off with a fan-fired burst of white glitter shells combined with green transforming imperceptively to crackle palm shells. There is then the surprise of an appearance of rings in the sky as several ring shells are launched. As a Finale, the display is crowned with brocade to red shells.
They come 4 in a carton. Per Carton less 10% Get at least a carton.

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